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Default GTX 260 Core 216 SSC Squeal :(

So, I just got my shiny new card, and I've noticed it has what some claim is a common issue; squealing. Okay, nothing new there, and yes I know this has been covered several times. However, I've done a bunch of searches and am simply unable to find sufficient answers to two specific questions, so I made a thread

First, description of circumstances: happens during the usual stuff; high FPS and whatnot. At lower FPS, I can hear a lower pitched buzzing if I put my ear up close to the case that isn't there when a game isn't running. I don't know if it happens in all games; I just noticed it happened when I bothered to check for it. I don't know if the lower pitched sound is normal since it seems to be rarely mentioned. The low pitched sound is not particularly loud, and I doubt I would have noticed except for I was already listening for the squeal and this particular phenomenon seems to just scale with FPS (e.g. lower FPS = low frequency, high FPS = high frequency). Anyway, I suppose someone can comment on whether that alone is normal to begin with.

Now, the two questions:

1. What are my realistic chances of getting a non-squealing card if I RMA this thing? I ask because, other than the squealing, I actually really like the card, and I haven't been able to find any sort of real specific response about the frequency of this problem in order to help me weigh my options. Those options being, essentially, live with it, RMA it for a new one, or return it and get something else. Everything is running smoothly, temps are good, and fan noise is pretty good. In terms of sheer performance, it seems like a great card, but the squealing is really bugging me as it's decently loud (well, relative to my fairly quiet computer anyhow).

2. Where is the squealing supposed to be emanating from, really? I noticed that the capacitors and chokes on the end nearest to the PSU connectors is claimed to be the source of the sound on some sites, but when I try to locate the sound on my card it seems louder towards the end nearest to the display outputs. I don't see any caps/chokes on the side on the few blurry pictures I've managed to find of these boards uncovered, but I do see what looks like regulation, some d/a circuitry, and I guess a bus controller or something of that sort (not sure at the moment; haven't looked it up). I looked up a video on youtube where someone had a squealing card, and his *seemed* like it was coming from the area mine is, but people seem to consistently blame devices on the other end of the card.

Thanks for any help!
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