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Default Re: Is selling your account practical?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
Thinking of moving on to another game, I don't ever want to play another MMO again though if I leave wow. I just really hate the idea of spending hours every weekend on a toon and at any time they'll change the game in such a way to make it boring and make all of that time feel so worthless unless you roll another class and start over. It's stupid.
Haha, I think the problem is on your end here man. Classic burnout symptoms! Maybe just take a few months off and try to clear your head. Playing WoW hardcore for a long time can make you hate everything about it.

I think I might go back to TF2, haven't played that in a while.
Same, I've been sticking to some single player games that I've neglected for a while now (notably Fallout 3) but my next multiplayer game is gonna be an FPS for sure, and I feel like I never gave TF2 the time it deserved.

Originally Posted by kazna
What kept me addicted all these years has been the on-realm competitiveness. I played on Shadowsong-US which was a terrible launch server that always lagged behind even newer servers, but there was always a sense of accomplishment from competing for realm firsts even though they were only in the top 300 US kills.

Blizzard has totally killed this aspect of the game. Partly by making entry level raid instances easy from the get-go (Karazhan at BC launch vs. Naxx at wotlk launch), as well as relying on hard modes to keep the hardcore players happy. Ulduar has like, 12-14 hard modes which means the encounters are designed to be easy for the casuals to see, but the hardcore players get the benefit from better gear, so what? Seeing Yogg-Saron's death wont be anything special like Kil'jaeden.

Pre-Wrath: skill + dedication = ability to see new content!
Post Wrath: skill + dedication = only better gear!
I don't agree at all, and frankly that's a very typical elitist point of view you've got there. And as for the "pre-wrath / post-wrath" comparison, it seems nostalgia has affected your perspective. When TBC launched the only raid content that was even remotely functional was T4, and many guilds had wiped out Karazhan within a few weeks. There is never "new content" to look forward to in WoW until content patches, it's always been that way. Gruul and Mag took a while for some servers because the encounters were horribly tuned and buggy, not because the content was more challenging. T5 was bugged all to hell with unkillable bosses. I'll grant you that T6 and Sunwell were absolutely terrific but that was nearly at the end of TBC's lifespan. It's not fair to compare entry-level raids in Wrath to endgame raids of TBC. Also, you're making it sound like you're getting hard-mode bosses *instead of* new content. The reality is you're getting the hard-mode *with* new content.

People tend to ***** most about this game when they're sick of playing it. Just cancel your sub and take a few weeks or a month. Or, if like me you've realized you've milked all the enjoyment from this game, quit it for good.
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