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Default Re: GTX 260 Core 216 SSC Squeal :(

I can hear a lower pitched buzzing if I put my ear up close to the case

It may be coming from your computer's switched-mode power supply, a coil probably

The extra load perhaps has sent a coil singing, or something else could be physically touching the case and causing resonant buzzing

Try switching from say 60Hz monitor refresh rate to another refresh rate, and also to lower screen frequencies, (line output transformer test) - see if it makes a difference to the sound. Turn the monitor off and listen. Only to help break the problem down are these tests, not for permanent settings

What make of card? Try the card manufacturer's user forums for more focused help, EVGA has very good after-sales support in my experience

A singing coil can be quietened by potting the coil - which should already be potted of course: using cold-cure resin, lacquer or similar setting compound. If no luck fixing this and no RMA possible I mean
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