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Exclamation 2.6.29 Debian is breaking NVIDIA (and other kernel module packages)

Hi, this is an alert for Debian users out there. The newest kernel, 2.6.29 won't work with the NVIDIA drivers, AT ALL, at least, with the standard debian kernel packages. The NVIDIA standard installer won't work, neither will module assistant kernel packages or anything else. The reason:

This bug is basically the complaint that 2.6.29 kernel headers are now shipped as two separate packages without symlinks associating the common elements to the specific kernel architecture headers. This was the practice with all kernel headers up till 2.6.29.

The change appears to be because KBUILD (the linux kernel build system) can now handle such split source trees. Sadly, a fair chunk of the NVIDIA driver build code, cannot (esp and the conftest.h file it generates). Who's at fault? I don't know, but it's clear that debian have deliberately taken this action (read the bug report- it's tagged wishlist/wontfix) and aren't about to back down from their purist stance.

We should campaign for NVIDIA to either support a "pure" KBUILD system (fix the stuff) or debian to re-add those symlinks.

Note, you can probably make these symlinks yourself, but it's actually a pretty convoluted mess- debian wanted to get rid of them because of this problem. I've made a couple of attempts and it's still not working for me
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