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Default Samsung 1920x1080 LCD monitor on Ubuntu issue

I've recently got a Samsun 2494HS 23.6" LCD monitor full HD capable 1920x1080 resolution.
I'm running fully updated Ubuntu 8.10 and the latest nvidia display driver version 180.11. My graphics card is on laptop GeForce 6600go with an VGA output that is connected to the LCD.

I can't seem to get anything close to a picture on my LCD monitor. I'm doing the configuration using nvidia-settings dialog.

It detects my monitor but at first all I got was 640x480 max resolution using twinview :/ Then after a bit of clicking and restarting I got a few more resolutions available, max was 1360x768 ?! And selecting any of them does not give me a good picture it's all weird and distorted.

I've been googling and messing with my xorg.conf for some time now and nothing works.

Please can anyone provide me a solution here, this is terible...

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