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Default Re: Is selling your account practical?

Originally Posted by kazna View Post
I'll give you that.
That's of course coming from me who would know because I had the same point of view, mind you. Not trying to act holier-than-thou.

Originally Posted by kazna
I was trying to get across the purpose of attunements and the scaling of difficulty. To see more content to had to complete the previous content, either through attunements or gear requirements. This is totally gone in wrath. Ulduar will be cleared by pugs just the same was Naxx is now, because the difficulty is in the hard modes, not the encounters themselves.
That's all true but frankly it's something I think is a good move from a standpoint of the developers - they spend a lot of time and effort making these raid dungeons and for a long time it was very difficult for an average player to experience this stuff. This way, they can provide accessible raid content while catering to the demands of more hardcore guilds for challenging content.
Originally Posted by kazna
Clear Ulduar? Well thats not an accomplishment, everyone else has too. Grats, you spent a week working on a hard mode for gear thats 10 iLevels higher, but you end up seeing and experiencing the same thing everyone else does. The time investment doesn't justifiy the reward for the hardcore players anymore.
Well I haven't read anything about the new boss fights so I don't really know how they're tuned. I was under the impression it's a reasonable step up in difficulty from Naxx, though Naxx is admittedly extremely easy. As far as time investment goes, I'd agree there is less (or no) sense of accomplishment with this new model for merely killing the bosses and seeing the next one. In fact that's probably one of the reasons I lost interest in the game. My 10-man group finally got 3D Sarth and even though it was tough, it wasn't the same as killing a hard end-raid boss.

Originally Posted by kazna
I don't have any desire to play another MMO anytime soon. Just finished Chrono Trigger and New Game+ for all the endings, and it was an awesome change. Next up is Chrono Cross (which I never finished on the PS1!)
Enjoy CC, it's a good game though the story gets a little ridiculous or confusing at times. I always liked the battle system they designed for it though, very unique. I'm going back and playing all the games I missed since WoW came out myself. The next MMO I'll try is likely going to be Old Republic, and if that sucks I guess I'll wait and see what Blizzard is working on.
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