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Default Re: GTX 260 Core 216 SSC Squeal :(

I guess I'm also considering switching to an HD4890 to resolve the problem. I haven't really kept up on driver quality recently and don't know about how support for CUDA/PhysX APIs should factor into my decision, but Anandtech and some others seem to suggest at least the latter issue isn't that important. I'm happy with the drivers so far on this card; have had remarkably smooth operation, actually. However, the 4890 is a faster card overall it seems. Just wondering about thoughts on that choice as I'm trying to weigh the issues between what seems like a good card with good drivers so far and some neat perks versus a faster card with DX10.1 (which seems to be gaining some support?); I don't know on the drivers yet! >_>

I also called eVGA and asked what the chances of me getting another squealing card is, and the tech support guy appeared to suggest it was low. However, I guess I'm feeling a bit nervous about it because I tried a Superclocked before this and it had the same problem >.<
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