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Default Re: Nvidia 8500 secondary screen tearing

Originally Posted by Big P View Post
Simply sync to the monitor you are watching. You can only sync on one screen at a time. If both your monitors have the same refresh rate you shouldnt see tearing on either.
But you're first one to state it CLEARLY. Nobody else has mentioned those key restrictions. I'll try your suggestion. And if it helps, thank you so much.

First I'll try modifying refreshrates and test secondary screen only sync. Now I have both screen checked. At least driver allows me to do that. Clearly with arbitary results.

Screenshots my previous config. So I had same refresh rate for both screens and I did still experience tearing, but only on secondary screen. Now I have disabled sync for primary screen and only secondary screen is synced. I'll try that.

But old config:

I think I'll try OpenGL also with these new settings, if it would help.
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