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Default Re: 2.6.29 Debian is breaking NVIDIA (and other kernel module packages)

It's pretty simple to fix. Grab your Nvidia driver package, like "" for example and extract it with "./ -x". Then do "cd NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.44-pkg0/usr/src/nv" and open "nv.c" there.
Locate all instances of code mentioning "owner" like ".owner = THIS_MODULE," and comment it out by using /* */ like this for example "/*.owner = THIS_MODULE,*/". Save the result and install the driver by going into the "NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.44-pkg0" folder the extraction created and use "./nvidia-installer" to compile and install the kernel module against the 2.6.29 kernel source. This works with the ALSA module too.

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