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Default Re: 185.19 + VDPAU blit path == stall

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
A few questions:

1) Are you sure your system is stable? I see a lot of applications crashing in your logs.

2) Which application are you seeing the problem in?

3) Does the problem only apply when playing back live data from your DVB card, or also when playing back pre-recorded files from disk. When playing back from disk, what if you quit all other apps that access HW (audio playback/capture, DVB card usage, etc.)
1) Yes, the system is stable.. the crashes you see in the logs are not related.
2) tested with xine-vdpau revisions 255 and 248
3) The issue occurs with both live TV and pre-recorded mpeg2 videos, and DVD's. Stopping all hardware-related daemons etc made no difference.

Tests were run with the following commandline:
VDPAU_NVIDIA_NO_OVERLAY=1 xine --verbose -Vvdpau -Anone MRL://
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