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Default Re: GTX 260 Core 216 SSC Squeal :(

Originally Posted by Dr.Nick View Post
tbh I think its the PSU that causes the cards to squeal. I noticed it on my bros PC when I gave him my GTX280. With his old Corsair 620w it squeals like a pig but is totally silent with a Corsair 850w. I even RMAd the 620w but it still did it...
Just sharing my findings...I could be wrong but that is how I got rid of it on my bros PC.

Edit- rereading your post I have to say he might have had a different squeal as it only did it during game cut scenes or when in the game menus. I didn't do it while actually gaming so we might have had different issues
It doesn't squeal while gaming; I can just hear a low pitched buzz that scaled up into a squeal when in the usual cut scenes/menus. I only hear squealing during high-FPS environments like those you just mentioned.

Is this problem caused by Corsair PSUs? (I have one too! )
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