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Default Re: twinview & maximazing

yes nemecb, you got it - two separate screens where the panels span over both screens and when maximizing a window it is only maximized on one screen;

but uhh - your find to put another additional gnome panel to the second screen is also pretty cool! never thought about that....

i have now two screens where the default gnome panel and taskbar is on the first screen, and a addidional top and bottom panel on the second screen; i put the gnome main menu on the top panel on the second screen and the window list applet to the bottom panel;
now when i open a program on the second screen and maximaze it - it is maximized only to the second screen, and is shown on the taskbar at the bottom of the second screen; but i can also resize the window manually over both screens;

in compiz i set the cube option to 'one big cube' and he rotates now over both screens and the background image is also shown as one background image over both screens;

this setup is exactly what i wanted to have - no, even a little better because it's more flexible with separate independent panels;

nemecb, thank you very much!
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