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Default Re: 23 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295s packed into one system

Originally Posted by CAUTION View Post
Google the maximumpc article. It should lead to the forum thread where he is posting and explaining what he did to make things work. Also talks about his dad's Huntington's disease and how he hopes that he is making a difference to help other people.

That's why I Fold, that's why everyone else on our Folding team folds. There have been tangible results and published findings so the computing power of the collective (the hive? ) IS working

If interested, click on the Folding@Home thread in the open forums or click on the link in my signature

-edit- here is a link to Atlas' website and his compute cluster.

Note that some people may have been duped by the jackass who hijacked atlas' youtube video and passed off the solution as his own.
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