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Default Re: NV Linux support, history, timeline

Thanks all! Very interesting. I learned some stuff. Holy smokes; I got a response from Russia. and Netherlands!

Thanks mooninite. I did not not know that. Linux support pre-dated AMD. It's a bit of a technicality, for me. I give Nvidia huge credit for giving some Linux support when they could have just left it.. I actually love both of these companies right now. I think they both has a relatively good focus. I'm hoping to see some cooperation and the kind of competition that involves mutual respect. I know, it's not very common today, but our computer industry was born in that spirit and I think both these companies show signs of that. It's a lot like the spirit that drives open source, which to me is the heart of what business should be about, people. I love this industry because it's been about people. It's our industry. It's been our enthusiasm that's been the steam. We put a man on the moon but it didn't really involve people the way OUR achievements here have. There's always those who want to try and bring everyone down, but you just have to remember on thing, it's not about winning.

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