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Default Re: Resolution in Ubuntu

Originally Posted by hofix32 View Post
I'm not advanced linux user, and i don't understand these manual very well.
I tried to disable EDID, adding in the xorg.conf Option "UseEDID" "FALSE", and when i starts the x server i hear the sounds of ubuntu starts, but i don't see anything.
Thank you for your comprehension
Sorry, but I have currently not too much time at hand.

To explain the situation: A Monitor specifies in it's EDID what frequencies, pixel clocks, resolutions etc. it is able to display / perform.

Disabling the EDID with the option you named was not wrong, but if you do so, the driver has no information what the monitor is able to display. Therefore it might send something to the monitor which the monitor can't show, so all you get is a black screen.

In order to specify this data by yourself, you can use X org Modelines.

There is an overview available here:

and some more information here:

I hope this helps.

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