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Default Re: Floating point exception with > 180.29

Originally Posted by xbobmx View Post
So why does it work for me but not for you? I also have a machine running Gentoo ~x86 with the exact same gcc version and I've used both kernels 2.6.28 and 2.6.29 with the drivers that don't work for you.

Can you post your kernel .config file and /etc/make.conf, please?
it's NOT a kernel-config problem

I've already asked other gentoo-users with a working kernel-config and made adjustments to my kernel-configuration, switched kernels away from zen to vanilla + reiser4 and 2 more other patches and still no change

it must have to do something with recent changes in toolchain or system parts in gentoo - OR nvidia (cause I have been using a hardened toolchain and compiler all the time and it worked without any problems) ...

to nvidia:
3.19.2-plus+ w. zram, ZFS, Btrfs; checksums>others

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