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Originally posted by saturnotaku

I had one slight issue with the benchmark. I chaged the resolutions to 1024, 1152 and 1280x1024. When the bench goes through the first time (at 1024) it runs in a window. When the other two run, they play full screen. Any one else have this problem or is my machine high on doob?
Hmmm. I think it has to do with what window has focus when UT2003 runs--a friend of mine reported the opposite (first one runs in full screen, rest of them run in a window). I just run the bat file and get my hands off the keyboard and mouse... never had the window problem.

However part of the issue MAY be all of the custom static meshs that they use.
Yes, in large part. A friend of mine used the stone static meshes (the floor, basically) in a map I had him make (that he never finished, of course) that would be Absurdly High Poly Count. Like, in its first incarnation, it crippled a 9700 Pro.. I forget the exact numbers, but a huge chunk of it came from the stones.
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