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Default Re: dual external displays on Quadro FX 770m, possible?

Originally Posted by sse123 View Post
I'm trying to connect two external displays to my HP 8530w notebook, which has a Quadro FX 770m.
(internal display is disabled)

My primary display is a 30" (2560x1600), connected via dual-link DVI to my docking station.
Now I'd like to connect another 24" (1920x1200) via HDMI.

So far, I couldn't get it to work, maybe the 770m has only two TMDS lanes, already consumed by the dual-link connection? Or is the HDMI port wired in parallel to the dual-link DVI-port, using one of the two links?
It ought to work. Please see the forum sticky posts about how to report a problem.

Originally Posted by sse123 View Post
BTW, besides that, the GPU is unable to sense any connected displays on the digital ports, and unable to read EDIDs, even with the latest beta 185.19
so I always have to hand over the EDIDs manually via the CustomEDID option and tell the driver which ports are connected via the ConnectedMonitor option.
Then it seems not to be possible to load two CustomEDIDs, if I have two lines in my config, e.g.
Option "CustomEDID" "DFP-1:/edid1.bin"
Option "CustomEDID" "DFP-2:/edid2.bin"
only the first line is evaluated. comma separation like "DFP-1:/edid1.bin, DPF-2:/edid2.bin" doesn't work either.
As per the documentation, you need a semicolon instead of a comma.
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