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Default Re: MacbookAir2,1 and 3007WFP

(--) NVIDIA(0): DELL 3007WFP (DFP-2): Internal DisplayPort
The 3007WFP doesn't have a DisplayPort input, does it? Are you using an active mini-DP to DVI adapter? If so, this seems to be the problem:
(II) NVIDIA(1):   Validating Mode "2560x1600":
(II) NVIDIA(1):     2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz
(II) NVIDIA(1):     Mode Source: EDID
(II) NVIDIA(1):       Pixel Clock      : 268.00 MHz
(II) NVIDIA(1):       HRes, HSyncStart : 2560, 2608
(II) NVIDIA(1):       HSyncEnd, HTotal : 2640, 2720
(II) NVIDIA(1):       VRes, VSyncStart : 1600, 1603
(II) NVIDIA(1):       VSyncEnd, VTotal : 1609, 1646
(II) NVIDIA(1):       H/V Polarity     : +/+
(WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0):     Unable to calculate Display Memory Interface blanking
(WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0):         interval for BestFit Centered ViewPort.
(WW) NVIDIA(1):     Mode is rejected: Unable to construct hardware-specific
(WW) NVIDIA(1):     mode timings.
Please clarify how you're connecting the monitor to the laptop and I'll try to reproduce the problem. Also, please try a newer driver. 177.82's DisplayPort support is a bit half-baked.
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