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Originally Posted by Padibuz View Post
Mate, do you have any sound problems ?
The game runs fine, but the sound slows down the whole thing. If I fiddle with the sound options I'm getting skipping and crackling, which is kinda annoying . What settings are you using ?
Also, although the game runs at 1080p, it looks noticeably more blurry than what you're posting. Is there any particular trick for it ?
Make sure you're setting D3D Native Res at 1920 and 1080, Output resolution is only going to upscale it, Native is resolution is what will make it sharper, So you have to untick Native and set the D3D internal resolution accordingly, Also make sure ingame, you set Progressive Scan and turn of soften, those also play a huge role in the overall sharpness of the image

Finally, with the sound, what plugin are u using? My sound is acceptable during gameplay, it only crackles and stutters during cutscenes because of the speedhacks

Also, my video can't even do justice to the clarity of the game, i had to record at half the resolution at 960x540 and upscale it to 1280x720 so it gets recognized as an hd video by youtube so it won't be further downgraded

Here's how it looks in still shots with AA forced through Control Panel, I have AA off when I'm playing but on for taking screenshots since they look a whole lot better

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