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Default XvMC memory leak in 180.* / 185.* drivers

Since the 180.29 driver I've been seeing a memory leak in an application I've been developing.

I've managed to cut it down to a small program (attached) which just calls OpenGL and XvMC functions which still demonstrates the problem. To reproduce the leak:

Compile and run the attached C file:

$ gcc leak.c -lX11 -lXv -lXvMC -lXvMCNVIDIA -lGL
$ ./a.out

Also run 'top' in another window, set to sort by memory usage (press the "M" key). The 'a.out' process rapidly moves to the top of the list and its memory usage (VIRT and RES columns) steadily increases. If it is allowed to run for long enough it will eventually run out of memory and crash.

I've tried driver versions 180.29, 180.44, 185.13 and 185.19, all of which have the same problem. The previous version (177.70.33) works fine for me.

I'm using Debian 4 on x86 hardware (an Acer laptop).

Can anyone else reproduce this problem?
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