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Default Re: Graphics reaching CGI quality using CryENGINE2, Amazing!!

Originally Posted by m3dude View Post
ok post a screen of u running a game w/ fraps at 7000x5000 or some resolution in that range,
Ok sure... Here's some pics running at 1440x1050 resolution but using nhancer to get like around 4000x to 5000x resolution, if i would up my res to 1600x1200 or 1920x1440 i would ofc reach 7000 or higher rendered resolution...

Hud is gone i know, i had it turned off the moment i took the pics.. As u can see from the fraps counter it doesn't lie, that's ingame, realtime in motion... around 4 fps lol, but this was on a single 8800gtx... two GTX 285 would give me about 20 fps here, and 2xGTX295 surly over 30...

Now, I suggest you go learn a thing or two about the sweet little program called nHancer before you speak any more here my dumb friend...
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