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Default Re: Graphics reaching CGI quality using CryENGINE2, Amazing!!

Originally Posted by Soetdjuret View Post
Ok sure... Here's some pics running at 1440x1050 resolution but using nhancer to get like around 4000x to 5000x resolution, if i would up my res to 1600x1200 or 1920x1440 i would ofc reach 7000 or higher rendered resolution...

Hud is gone i know, i had it turned off the moment i took the pics.. As u can see from the fraps counter it doesn't lie, that's ingame, realtime in motion... around 4 fps lol, but this was on a single 8800gtx... two GTX 285 would give me about 20 fps here, and 2xGTX295 surly over 30...

Now, I suggest you go learn a thing or two about the sweet little program called nHancer before you speak any more here my dumb friend...
no, post a screen with fraps at 8000x5000 resolution
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