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Default Nvidia drivers and sony HDTV overscan

Hi. I've been trying for some time now to use a sony HDTV as screen for my nvidia 8200 IGP. I've tried different nvidia drivers and always get to the same problem: overscan stops me using my window manager as the desktop appears cropped on all four sides. I'm connecting my computer to the HDTV by means of a DVI-HDMI adaptor.

So far I've tried all sorts of xorg.conf options, including lots of different modelines but never got a useable screen. nvidia-settings is no use either as it doesn't appear to have any overscan settings.

My TV is a Sony KDL-40W4500, capable of doing 1080p at 100HZ; (well, that's my guess, as after looking up info about this TV set but haven't found much and I don't know where to look in the manual).

Please, could someone with the same (or similar) hardware help me out?

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