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Default Re: Vin Diesel IS... The Wheelman: Official Thread

I wanted to bump this to say I could not disagree more with this review:

I usually like GT reviews, but this one is horrible. For one, they say the base game just isn't fun, which is really the opposite of the truth... the base game is so fun it makes the other problems easier to deal with. He talks about how it steals gameplay ideas from Crazy Taxi, Burnout, Driver and GTA, but he doesn't seem to realize this combination is awesome fun. He also says the car melee controls are terrible, and I assure you they are not... vert intuitive and easy to use, and with a mouse it feels cool, like you're swinging over to hit them. He also complains about manual aiming being impossible with the analog stick and having to use the lock-on feature, never mentioning the PC version which has perfect mouse aim and no lock-on feature at all that I have seen.


It really annoys me that a game like this is bashed out of hand just because they aren't that hyped. Grand Theft Auto 4 had similar problems with repetitive missions and a lack of gameplay innovation, but no one even mentions that in reviews for the game. The lame reviews industry with their pointless numerical scores are really killing this industry... I wish it would stop.

I like this guy's comment in response to the review:
Idiots who buy games like Wheelman are the ones who makes us real gamers suffer the ****ing ongoing tidewave of crappy movie-based videogames...
What an f'ing sheep.

That said don't buy Wheelman and expect it to be a AAA game, it's not.
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