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Default Re: [BUG REPORT] X-Plane 9 crashes X11 at start up with latest Beta driver 185.19

Originally Posted by alpilotx View Post
Hi Nvidia team,

I have just recognized that X-Plane 9 (to be exact, the current version 9.30b7) is crashing X11 immediately as it starts up its 3D engine. During the load of the simulator everything is fine (it shows its progrees bar), but when normally the 3D window comes up, X11 crashes and restarts my KDE4. For this, I have used the latest driver.

When I switch back to this doesn't happen. And as far as I can see, the problem should be reproducible very easily just by starting up X-Plane 9.

For details, see the attached nvidia-bug-report.

Andras Fabian

I don't have this problem and the only difference I see is that I have a 32bit systems while you have a 64bit.

Besides in your log file I see this:
nepomukservices[9703] general protection ip:7f163324645e sp:7fff3b845480 error:0 in[7f16331ea000+234000]

which indicates something in qt. Maybe there is an issue between qt and the driver?

Other 3D applications work correctly?
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