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Default Re: dual external displays on Quadro FX 770m, possible?

thanks again for your effort, I tried all possible combinations, to no avail.
DFP-0 always seems to be the internal display, -1 DVI and -2 HDMI.

I even got my old 20" tft out, and replaced the 30" with it, same thing. so it's most likely not related to the dual link connection.
(also the same with xorg 1.6.0 on fedora rawhide, btw)

I believe that HP wired the GPU so well, that it can't drive the dvi and hdmi port at the same time. or maybe it's just the video BIOS? (I switched from a Lenovo to this machine, as Lenovo switched from nvidia to ati with their t400/500 line, but HP's bios implementations are a bunch of crap, compared to Lenovo's IMHO)

is the video bios the manufacturer's business oder nvidia's? maybe there's a new out by now
(mine: Video BIOS: 62.94.3b.00.06) but not on HP's support site anyway...
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