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Default Re: Graphics reaching CGI quality using CryENGINE2, Amazing!!

Originally Posted by m3dude View Post
no gpu has enough ram therefor it isnt realtime since u cant play it. see how simple that was genius?
It's realtime, but my computer is limited and quite old. There's many others who can run crysis on 4x4SSAA aka 8000x5000 res in realtime. But they wont have a fluid fps.. But if u get a Quad-SLI setup am sure u can. Your just too stupid to understand that.

Besides, those screens i posted was taken at around 5000x3000, not 8000x, so you fail anyway... And even if i can't play in 8000x on my setup, it's still very much realtime, and possible for more recent systems, am not counting myself in.

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
So why are we talking about 5000x3000 resolution?

The screen shots are at (roughly) 1920x1080. Whether it uses 9000x anti-aliasing or not, its still going to look like that, and I'm sure its real time. Even if its running at 5fps on a high end system that's still real-time compared to 5 frames per hour with CGI.

I swear, some people here will argue about anything...
Dont mind him, hes ignorant and stupid. Just trolling that's all. To answer your question... When we talk about 5000x3000 or 8000x5000 resolutions we talk about the actual rendering size, then it's downsized in realtime to your preferred resolution using special algorithms, that's how nHancer works and sure works very nice in most games upping the quality by a serious deal at the cost of just as much performance lol... That's why you see me having 11 fps in HL2: Lost coast...

I swear, if i was a mod i'd tempban m3 to teach him a lesson not to troll and cause irritation. This discussion is pointless, he's just trying to piss me off in the ways he try. I've proven my point already.
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