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Default Re: Bioshock 2 game play trailer!

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt View Post
I love that JohnDio... IT MUSZA BEN CONSULEZIDED! It couldn't possibly just be a build that isn't final... I mean, the game is coming out next week, right? Oh wait... it isn't.
Well these were the things that i noticed and what is the point to stay still to "admire" the sparks when you can notice them entering the ground? It's like advertising a broken feature (and you can count on it, this won't be "fixed" or enhanced. We will be here when that day comes ).

And i don't give a sh!t about consolitus . Also by what you're saying it is also pointless to go crazy and admire this gameplay footage because the final build might be worse than this current build (FEAR2 anyone with the beta build better than the final build? )
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