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They just released a patch for those of you that played it before and they also added the Elk! I am actually enjoying this game it's atmoshpere is really nice too!

Web Client

New Functionality

Hunting Statistics Page
Hunting Statistics Widget
Elk Missions added
Clinton ‘Bull’ Douglas, the resident Elk expert introduced
New Animal Licenses

Available to Wardens

Elk License
Bug Fixes

Game Data

It is no longer possible to achieve a higher range by first wounding an animal and then backing off to kill it
Leader boards

Equal scores now display correctly

The ‘Caruncle Crusher’ mission was not completing for some users, this has been fixed

3D Client

New Functionality

Hunter Mate Mini Games - Activate by pressing G on HunterMate
Your Hunters Clothing on the website will match what you are wearing in the EHR
New Items

Available to Guests

‘Bust Through’ - HunterMate Game
Available to Wardens

30-06 Lever Action Rifle (On Loan)
‘Bust Through’ HunterMate Game
Bug Fixes

Animal AI

Deer no longer pause for split second before running when they hear gunfire
Deer now have “first shock" reaction when shot
Turkey no longer drop clues while flying
Mortally wounded animals now bed down and will eventually bleed out
Game Issues

Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash on Quad Core PC's when it rains
Activating sticky keys whilst in full screen will no longer freeze the game

The HunterMate no longer twitches in the hunters hand
“ZZZ” is no longer visible on the confirm kill screen
The correct number of rounds are now loaded into the revolvers
Players hand no longer collides with the base of the Turkey caller

When aborting a shotgun reload by pressing right mouse button, the load sound no longer loops twice
Footstep sounds are no longer heard when crawling in the tower
Hen turkeys no longer 'gobble'

When picking up an item in the inventory and then exiting, the item is now moved back to it's original place

The entrance to the tower no longer stops bullets
A spent cartridge is no longer ejected from rifles on initial load
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