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Default Re: Bioshock 2 game play trailer!

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
It just looks like an expansion pack... same graphics, same mechanics, same look to the world... a few add-ons like the drill and being underwater is what an expansion pack does. A whole new game should offer much more change.

Of course, this is nothing new... we've been getting sequels that should of been expansion packs for years now.

As a huge Bioshock fan I liked the trailer, but make no mistake it does not look like a true sequel.
Well they are using the same engine, thanks to development costs its alot easier to pump out something quickly, especially with a franchise like Bioshock. While I agree that it might be too similar im sure that it will have enough of a change when we actually get more info on the game to warrant the cost.

And expansion packs are dead... don't think many games will see expansion packs ever.
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