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Default Re: 700w PSU handle SLi GTX260 cards?

Originally Posted by Dazz View Post
I did it, i finally killed my PC well the water pump and the power supply that i know of for sure. I though my PC was a little bit on the noisy side so though hey if i replace the fans and bring the rad into the case it will be fine. Been putting it off due to maybe it leaking etec due to have to removing the tubing. Well it gone ok a few leakers here and there which is to be expected but why moving the rad about to get rid of the bubles on of the clips came away poring everywhere. Tided it up but noticed a burnt smell. Was not sure where from but was getting no powerf to anything, i then noticed it tripped the electrics in the house. So turned them back on but kept going off. Found out the PSU was the one doing that. Luckly i still have a very old parts of a system hooked the 350w PSU to get the pump going but would would do nothing. Found out the pump is tripping the PSU.

I am hopping nothing else is dead as i did have the 4pin CPU power cable attached to the motherboard when the PSU blew, the DVD ROM and the back up 20GB IDE HD is working as that is what i am using right now. BUt am hoping my 2x SATA 750GB drives are ok as is the motherboard and CPU. i hope that having the 4 pin connected while shorting the pins did not effect them. So i have ordered a 1kw PSU and a new pump setting me back 166

On the plus side the 1kw PSU should last me a while without needing to worry if i don't have enough power now As i had a limited budget (over budget now), so i got a Hi-Power Black 1000W Modular 13.5cm Fan PSU, anyone know what these are like?

So am currently stuck with my Athlon XP 1800+ 1GB SD Ram and a Voodoo 5 5500 AGP card as a work bench system as i did not get round to buying a case for them

I am well gutted
I run a GTX 295 Quad core setup with a 650w corsair just fine

Never heard of hi-power personally which puts it into the dodgy books for me instantly. Knowing me though, everyone in the world has, so dont pay me any attention.
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