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Default Re: 173xx-drivers and RealTime-patchset

With this the installer complains about the driver missing.

I extracted the package and went to usr/src/nv/ and tried 'make module', but the error remains the same.

If I bypass the checks in so it just uses the Makefile.kbuild the compilation starts but fails after a short time with
error: kmem_cache_create() unavailable
(the line is actually longer but I don't have the output right now. If further output is required I can still post it). This is a little irritating as this function is definitely present in include/linux/slab.h and wasn't changed by the patch. Changing the kernel-setting from SLAB to SLUB didn't change anything.

I tried compiling the driver with an active, unpatched kernel, too (it worked) and using it with the patched kernel, but modprobe complains about an invalid module format and if I try to force it with modprobe -f (doesn't work, too) I get complains about undefined symbols in dmesg...

For now I use the unpatched kernel, but that's not the solution I hoped for =\

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