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Default Re: GameStop Sells Played Games As New, Sources Say, Practice Could Be Illegal

Originally Posted by Marvel_us View Post
Wow, that is really low. I remember when I went to buy LBP they tried to give me a display copy but I demanded a sealed one. Who knows now if the copy I was getting was checked out or not. I ended up buying the game at Target. $60 for a game, I better be the first one to crack it open.
Yeah, you charge me new price I want a new game. I remember one Gamestop I used to go to in Pittsburgh gave me a 10% discount if I bought the display copy, which made some sense, but charing full price for it is asinine.

I did allow them to do it once, because the game was so cheap I knew I would pay double to get a sealed copy. That was Condemned on PC... cost me $10 to upgrade to the PC version from the 360 one.
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