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Originally posted by SnakeEyes
Wow. I bet the bot scores really suffer then. From my own experimentation, I know that without any aniso, only using the highest in-game settings and 4XS FSAA + -1.5 LOD (using RivaTuner) at 1024x768x32, I was getting dips to the upper teens in DM-Antalus at times (heavy fights, etc.). While that seems fairly playable with the demo (erm, thanks again for however you accomplished that little trick, Epic / DE), it's still a far cry from turning off aniso, leaving LOD at the -1.5, setting Quincunx, and using Normal for all the in-game settings.
The bots eat up the CPU quite a bit. The settings I provided strain the video card. So the bots won't drop the scores that much (at the higher resolutions). So at 1600x1200, I'm guessing scores at around 38 FPS to 43 FPS, very close to the scores without the bots (i.e. 45 FPS). Lower than 1600x1200, the difference would be a bit greater.

I'm in the process of changing machines here so it will be a little while before I try it out with bots to see if my prediction is correct.
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