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Default Re: Official XBMC Releases and Discussion

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Me and kricker have been working on a little app for the past few weekends and its finally to the point that's ready to be tested.

it basically downloads the latest 3rd party build and updates your local installation. with option to do the update without any user intervention.

right now it doesn't have any scheduling built it, but i have designed it to be fully compatible with windows scheduler, (I personally have it setup under windows scheduler).

anyway, i have made the code available under GPLv2 License (Opensource) so feel free to dig in.

I would really appropriate any feedback or problem reports.

Feature Request
Bug report

if you downloaded a copy last night, please go to the settings tab and update the release url to :

just moved the project to google code, need some volontiers to start writing some sample document and howto guids. if you are interested please pm me!
try it it works great, it updates XBMC in less 2 minutes (check, download, install)
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