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Default Re: GTX 260 Core 216 SSC Squeal :(

So I called up eVGA and they said they send back a "recertified" card which, by their description, sounds like a fancy name for "used". I noticed on a couple forums people claimed to have gotten cards that were kind of beat up looking. Is there anyone here who has experience with this? I'm kind of concerned that such a process will probably *not* solve my problem since it means what I'm getting back is essentially someone else's old card, which could be there in the first place because of the same or similar problem >.<. Also, just seems a bit strange I guess. I'm used to RMA where I get an actually new card afterwards so maybe that's why I'm kind of nervous about it. Maybe also it just seems unsatisfying since it would mean I've essentially paid full price for someone's used card.
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