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Default Re: Floating point exception with > 180.29

confirmed !


now I get the same crappy behavior like you described on my laptop with ubuntu 9.04

latest updates from today: 180.41 -> 180.44 made the difference:

default gtk-apps (still) seem to work but I get "Segmentation fault" at least for nvidia-settings, glxinfo, glxgears ...

I haven't restarted yet so after the restart it might not work anymore !

the system is:

Dell XPS M1330, amd64 version of Jaunty / Ubuntu 9.04
graphics chipset is: 8400 M GS


now it's obvious that all of those problems are caused deep down at the heart of that blackbox - your driver

WE need an update NOW (or at least a status update WHY this is happening and that you got a fix for it in the pipeline)



now THAT's strange: after a reboot everything seems to work fine again

so it was just a temporary problem due to mismatching libraries I guess ?


I still need an update / fix for my 7600GT if it's NOT clear that an upgrade to a 9600GT would fix it - there's no way I'm gonna buy it so fast ...
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