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Default Re: Floating point exception with > 180.29

Originally Posted by jyavenard View Post
There must be something wrong in your system quite frankly, other than the driver issue.

I do get a floating point exception in some cases in ; but nowhere as frequently as what you're stating
glxgears never crashes for example.
Same for nvidia-settings.

if it did you would have everyone jumping back and forth.. This isn't the case

I get floating point exception when using libvisual in MythTV ; the bug is indeed in the nvidia libraries...

BTW, Segmentation Fault is not caused by a floating point exception ; and when it crashes it would give a different error.

You may see a genuine error in the nvidia libraries ; but based on your last post I think what you're experiencing is mainly a problem on your side ; a faulty RAM maybe?

That's a pity, because there is definitely an issue in the nvidia libraries, but you're clouding it with another problem which means nvidia people are likely going to discard it
sorry for that noise - like I wrote at the end of that post:

after a reboot everything seems to work fine again

so it was just a temporary problem due to mismatching libraries I guess ?
I think I'll keep on posting my problems in my other thread / move the stuff to there ...

3.19.2-plus+ w. zram, ZFS, Btrfs; checksums>others

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