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Default Re: GameStop Sells Played Games As New, Sources Say, Practice Could Be Illegal

I caught on to this a long time ago and actually stopped buying games from them then. I figured it out when I bought a game from them and it wasn't shrinked wrapped. I pointed that out to them and they said that they do that to curve theft. Having the game in a seperate spot then the box. So I get the game home and decided to look some reviews up on it. Decided I didn't want the game so I took it back the followng day on my way home from work. Wel lthey refused to take it back right off the bat becasue it was a open game(I'm sure this is a whole other scam in itself). I argued that this is the way I bought it but they wern't having any of it. Then they proceeded to look at the disk it's self and it happened to be smudged up( I never took the game out ). Right there I knew this business had unethical business practices. I just grabbed the game and vouched I neve do business there again. Of coarse they dont care but whatever..

Anyways, yea, suprised they haven't gone out of business yet and I hope a lawsuit coems from this.
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