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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Hey folks, sorry I dug up this old thread but I need your help.

So I wanted to mod my 5900XT into a Quadro FX 3000 by flashing the FX 3000 bios (I know there's a soft-mod using rivatuner, but I still want that bios flash).
I used the nvidia.qfx3000.256mb.rev.02.rom (+ a couple of others) and the command "nvflash -4 -5 -6 new.rom" to flash my card. Everything went fine, I rebootet my system and a new graphics adapter was found. But instead of a qfx 3000, windows found a 5900 Ultra.

What did I wrong?

Another strange thing is: When I load my currently flashed bios into NiBiTor, everything is displayed correctly.

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