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Default Re: Redraw issue with compiz.

Originally Posted by cpasoft View Post

~/compiz/workarounds $ make 
convert   : -> build/workarounds.xml
bcop'ing  : build/workarounds.xml -> build/workarounds_options.h
bcop'ing  : build/workarounds.xml -> build/workarounds_options.c
schema    : build/workarounds.xml -> build/compiz-workarounds.schema
compiling : workarounds.c -> build/workarounds.lo
compiling : build/workarounds_options.c -> build/workarounds_options.lo
linking   : build/
When i try this i got an error:

compiling : workarounds.c -> build/workarounds.lolibtool: compile: unable to infer tagged configuration
libtool: compile: specify a tag with `--tag'
make: *** [build/workarounds.lo] Error 1
So i tried to emerge libtool but i still got the same error. How can I fix that ?
This bug is very annoying !

ps: sorry for my poor english.
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