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Default 185.19 driver with 8400M GS; fan 'always on' bug

First of all, I upgraded from 180.44 because compiz was slow without loose-binding, and loose-binding caused major window update problems with xorg 1.6.0. I updated to 185.19 to see if it would make a difference, and I found that not only were all the loose-binding window updating problems gone, but compiz ran -much- faster without loose-binding enabled at all! Amazing!

However, in 185.19 a bug returns that I remember seeing in early 180.xx betas: the GPU fan will go full blast for about 3-4 seconds, stop for a bit and then go full blast again, over and over. This will happen for about 10-15 minutes from when the drivers are initiated, and then suddenly the fan will go back to acting completely normal until I restart my xorg again. Temperatures, powermiser, etc. all seem to act completely normal, and the fan acts this way whether or not my GPU is below 60C or above 80C. I have no idea what causes the fan to suddenly go back to normal some 10 minutes after I start my machine, but the time interval is fairly consistent. (It should be noted that there is no increase or decrease in performance whatsoever whether or not the fan acts like this.)

I hope this problem gets solved soon, it's a fairly annoying bug but the driver is otherwise behaving exactly like I hoped it would. Thanks for your continued efforts, NVIDIA team
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