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Default Re: 700w PSU handle SLi GTX260 cards?

Originally Posted by Medion View Post
Needing a ridiculously high powered PSU is a myth. There are actually morons out there who think that if you need a 450W PSU for 1 GPU, then you must need a 900W for SLI. They tend to forget that the power rating takes into account the entire system.

A solid, well-specced 600W PSU will handle 2xGT260 in SLI, depending on what else is in that system.

Yeah, the overpowered PSU advice is probably my second biggest pet peeve, after the "humans can only see 30 fps" argument.

Two things are more important that wattage...quality and amps. You wouldn't believe the amount of people telling me to buy 800-1000w PSUs that were worse than the 700w PSU that i ended up buying.

Oh, btw, this OCZ 700w PSU that i bought for my e6750/8800GT system ran just fine with my i7920/260SSC system and is still running fine with my step-up 295. I have no doubt it would run 260s in SLi without a hitch.
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