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Update: I've been fiddling around with different kernel versions, checked my MTRR configuration,
enabled PAT debugging .... with no reasonable results.
I realized that MANY people have/had the same problems as me in the past. In particular, it seemed
that there were performance problems with mem configurations over 4 GB (or slightly less).
But this also was not the cause in my case.

Finally, I gave Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04) a shot. The systems runs VERY smooth, and in particular the
redraw inside VirtualBox with its additional overhead is really fast and perfectly usable. The have
an older kernel than I had on my Gentoo system (2.6.27 or 28, don't remember, whereas I had on Gentoo). The NVidia driver is 180.44. So I don't really understand what made the
difference. Ok, they have Xorg server 1.6, but should this have been the cause? I don't know...

@Fackamato: I had been trying 185.13, with no difference, but didn't check 185.19, sorry.
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