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Default Re: vdpau problem - can't play 1080

I've just tried a new test, this time running lxde as the desktop manager to make sure I've got no compiz and minimal system load.

~/SVN/mplayer/mplayer -v -vo vdpau -vc ffh264vdpau dvb://TV3 &> vdpau.tv3.log

This is a live 1080i H.264 stream with dual AC3 and HE-AAC Audio streams and I'm using mplayer r29150

By blank video I mean that no video is shown. The laptop has a 8400M GS Graphics Chip and a 1440x900 resolution display.

I've no issues with 720p streams and VDPAU, and the CPU isn't fast enough to play the 1080i streams with ffmpeg's software decoder.

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