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Okay, so I got my offers from Uni's today. Got a nice law offer etc but a real nail in the bag was a prestigious computer gaming/programming course. Was a real shocker as I only put it in for a laugh.

Anyway, regardless of whether I go for it or not, I wish to start learning. I've been surfing the net like a fool for a few years, but wish to start actually getting some skills under my belt.

I have a fair bit of work before my exams which I should have started doing last year, so will be limited ish on time, but will have 3+ months in the summer to get up to scratch (and learn how to play guitar as well xd).

I have access to:

The complete Adobe CS3 collection
Loads of autodesk programs (autocad, 3dsmax etc)

Now, i'll be quite blunt. They are all paid for my fathers use, so I dont think there is anyharm in me using them for non profitable reasons.

I also have acess to:


What do you think I should start learning? I think I could if given the right direction (eg follow this route so you end up with this goal) dedicate an hour a day (maybe more if I get really hooked into it).

My hardware is:

a few 24" screens, GTX 295, quad core, 4gb ram (can get another 4gb), multiple 1tb hard drives.

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