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Default Re: Company of Heroes Complete Pack worth it?

Originally Posted by Isola View Post
crap game,why don't you play a real challeging game like this one?
Yeah that 'crap game' just rated as the best 2006 PC game and 8th best rated PC game ever. Eurogamer seemed to like this Men of War, but it's actually just ranked as the 2713th best PC game ever on gamerankings with a score of 77.9%. Just because you haven't played it or because you didn't like it, doesn't mean it's a crap game. Fact is that CoH received a lot of well-deserved praise.

Company of Heroes was an absolutely amazing experience when it came out. I played it for years and on the technical side it still looks pretty today. I haven't had the chance to play ToV much yet unfortunately, so I don't know about it yet from personal experience. I also think that the Opposing Fronts expansion was a mistake; The panzer elite is ok (altough still not quite as well-designed as the original factions IMO), but the british faction ruined part of the CoH core experience in my own and many other people's opinion. It's not terrible, but it could just have been done so much better. But if ToV is adding new MP modes and manage to revitalize the MP component of CoH, I'd say go for it if you can get all three in a package for a good price.
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