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Default Re: Company of Heroes Complete Pack worth it?

Anyone saying the game isn't any good needs to have their head checked. Look at any of the reviews and you will see it's considered a top notch RTS. In terms of Single Player it's okay and it does the job well. In terms of going against others in the traditional mode it's excellent.

The nice thing they did with these addons is they didn't make it manditory. Meaning if you own the original version you can still play against people that own one or all the addons. You just won't have the option of adding the two new armies. Panzer Elite and or the Brits.

The third release that just came out doesn't add any new factions but it does add some new mode of online play and of course single player content. And for the first time you get to play Axis in single player.

Anyone kicking the tires around any of these addons that already has the original should load it up patch it and play it to see if you like it.

I consider the online play to be very good and right up there with any of the top RTSs out there.
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