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Default Re: Nothing to play lately

Originally Posted by trivium nate View Post
idk nothing good...

Games I want/Waiting for/interested in:

Bioshock 2
burnout paradise
Call of duty 4 modern warfare #2
Clive Barker's Jericho-out
crysis 2
devil may cry 4-out
Doom 4
Diablo 3
Gears of war 2(360)-out
Ghoat recon advanced warfighter 2-out
Quake 5
Quantum of solace 007-out
Half life 2 episode 3
Halo 3(PC)
Halo 4
Halo Wars
HellGate london-out
lost planet 2
portal 2
prey 2
StarCraft 2
unreal tournament next

Games I have:

Americas Army
Assassins Creed-beat
BattleField 2
BattleField 2142
Classic doom-beat
Crysis Warhead-beat
Crysis Wars
Counter Strike
Counter Strike source
Counter Strike Condition Zero-beat
Counter Strike Condition Zero Deleted scenes-beat
Call of duty 2-beat
Call of duty 4 Modern warfare-beat
call of duty world at war-beat
Day of defeat
Doom 1-Beat
Doom 2-Beat
Doom 3-beat
Doom 3 Resurrection of evil-beat
Diablo 1-beat
Diablo 2-on hold
Duke Nukem 3D-on hold
fallout 3-beat
fallout 3 DLC operation ancherage-beat
fallout 3 DLC-the pit-beat
farcy 2-beat
F.E.A.R Extraction Point-beat
F.E.A.R Perseus Mandate -beat
F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin-beat
Gears of War-Beat
GoldenEye Source
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter-on hold
Grand theft auto 1-on hold
grand theft auto 2-on hold
Grand theft auto 3-Beat
Grand theft auto vice city-beat
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas-beat
Grand theft auto IV-beat
Halo 2-beat
Half Life
Half Life source-beat
Half Life death match source
Half Life 2-beat
Half Life 2 Episode 1-beat
Half Life 2 Episode 2-beat
Half Life 2 Gary's Mod
Half Life 2 Death match
Half Life 2 Lost Coast-Beat
Icy Tower
left 4 dead
Lost planet extreme condition-beat
Mass effect-on hold
max payne 1-beat
max payne 2 the fall of max payne-beat
Mario forever
mercenaries 2 world in flames-on hold
Medal of honor Airborne-beat
Need for speed Most Wanted-beat
portal prelude-beat
Quake 1-beat
Quake 2-on hold
quake 3 arena-on hold
quake 3 team arena
Quake 4-beat
s.t.a.l.k.e.r shadows of chernobyl-on hold
soldier of Fortune-beat
Starcraft Brood War-beat
tabula rasa
Team Fortress 2
Tomb Raider anniversary-beat
Tomb Raider legends-beat
Tomb Raider underworld-beat
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Multiplayer
Unreal Tournament 3-beat
Unreal Tournament 2004-beat

Demos had but deleted:

dynasty warriors 6 demo
Final Fantasy VII Demo-Uninstalled and sucks
Heavy gear 1 demo-Uninstalled and sucks
heavy gear 2 demo-Uninstalled and sucks
Grand Turismo Racing 1 demo Uninstalled and sucks
Grand Turismo Racing 2 demo Uninstalled and sucks
Hitman Bloody money demo-Uninstalled and sucks
Madden 2004 Demo-Uninstalled and sucks
Need for speed carbon Demo-doesn't want to work
Onimusha 3 demo-uninstalled and sucks
Overloard Demo
Resident Evil 3 demo-Uninstalled and sucks
Tom Clancy Rainbox Six Raven Shield Demo-Uninstalled and sucks
Turok 2 seeds of evil demo-Doesnt work


airport tycoon
Area 51 Demo
Burnout paradise
Call of duty 1 demo
call of duty united offensive demo
Combat arms
Company of heros Demo
conflict denied ops demo
devil may cry 4 demo
dynasty warriors 6 demo
Enemy Territory Quake Wars Demo
Frontlines fuel of war beta demo
grid demo
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Multi Player Demo-beat
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 single Player Demo-beat
hawx demo
Hellgate London Demo-beat
james bond 007 quantum of solace demo
Jerricho Demo-beat
Kane and lynch demo-beat
Lego indiana jones demo
lord of the rings return of the king demo-Uninstalled and sucks
medal of honor demo
Medal of Honor Pacific assault Demo-beat
medal of honor allied assault spearhead demo
Microsft Flight Simulator X Demo-Uninstalled and sucks
need for speed 3 hot pursuit demo
need for speed hot pursuit 2 demo
need for speed underground demo
need for speed underground 2 demo
need for speed porsche unleashed demo
Need for speed Pro street demo-Uninstalled and sucks
Prince of persia sands of time demo-uninstalled and sucks
prince of persias Warrior within demo-uninstalled and sucks
Rappelz-Uninstalled and sucks
red alert 3 demo
roller coaster tycoon 3 demo
Sin of a solar empire demo
tony Hawk 2 demo
tony hawk 3 demo
tony hawk 4 demo
Transformers demo-beat
world of warcraft demo-beat
World in conflict demo-havent really played
i copied that list down and categorized the games in a folder.
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